A Letter to Customers

Lefu Technology since 2007,is committed to the
field of LED Controllers.

LEFU Set Marketing,research and innovation,production as one of the strength of the LED Controller manufacturers.2017 is coming,LEFU will soon come tenth year. We always strengthen the development direction of the enterprice.Constantly strive to learn and improve enterprise management culture. We insist on marketing and innovation complement each other as a long-term business development of the same idea in the process of enterprise development. quality first as the eternal cornerstone of business. Thereby to build our unique cororate culture. We adhere to our entrepreneurial mind "IMPROVING THE EVIROMENT" Through our efforts, the world enviroment has become more environmentally friendly,

more intelligent,colorful.Future generations can be inherited more green resources.This will also be our lifelong goal.LEFU Technology expect to be a 100-year enterprise, and strive to create more value for our customers,continue to feed back for the benefit of society.Because our enterprise is not only the production LED Controller,But our vision contribute to the community.Finally,LEFU Thank all the serving staff to pay endless,thank all the understanding and support of all our customers. LEFU technology will take responsibility and make unremitting efforts,fear of difficulties and move on.with you to create a better tomorrow!


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5 Years Quality Warranty Time

Lefu products have different certificates such as
CE, Rohs, FCC, UL TUV, etc.

From product development to product launch, we will strictly control product quality, product quality is our lifeline.Based on market information and customer needs, this is the basic point of our product development. The selection of materials all needs to meet the certification requirements, subject to our strict testing of materials and the final certification authority to the product assessment test. Product development and time spent in the test quality phase is approximately 3 months or 1 year or more depending on the product.Our philosophy is quality first, if the product quality test is not 100% required, we will not be in a hurry to sell the product to our customers.

If product testing does not meet our expectations, we will destroy the product even though we have developed it!From production to shipment, process control is our most important level. Before the delivery of any product, we will conduct a re-inspection before the delivery, and ensure 100% quality of the product.before the delivery. According to different products and performance, the normal aging test time is usually 12 to 24 hours.We sell all products, external commitment is five years of quality assurance! Any product quality problem occurred during the use of the customer, we will use refund, or replace with new products and other different ways to resolve and reduce any loss of the customer!



The two basic functions of the long-term development of
the enterprise are marketing and innovation!

Marketing is to create customers, how to create customers, we need to meet the requirements of customers, in order to win the needs of customers. Because marketing is a professional job, we need to understand the market, know the requirements of customers, proactively serve customers, solve customers' problems.So we can create customers!Innovation is innovation based on market demand, combining different aspects such as internal products, management and sales. Product innovation is the most important! Only innovation, enterprises can get fresh blood, can continue to grow and develop!

Marketing and innovation complement each other,We focus on marketing and innovation as the guideline for our progress and constantly adjust the navigation direction at any time, because we deeply know that 100 years of enterprise needs more efforts, more patience, more acumen and more learning! We are willing to work hard to become a 100 years enterprise, we are willing to serve all our guests, thank you!

Hi Jack, We do business till now about 10 years from 2010.I would like to say thank you for your support! You guys understand business,Support each other and grow each other. Lets keep moving. ----Greg
Hello Sandy, I got the green tea from you with last shipment. I like it so much. I will got more green tea and red tea with furture orders. Thanks again. ----Markus
Hi Jack Has your company received their new bank account details so we can pay you for orders #78584 + #78523, And Thanks for your excellent service as always. ----Andrea
Sylvia,We received the shipment right now. and thank you so much for the new touch pannel controllers free samples. we will test them and order some ASAP if all good! ----Michael
Jack!Enclosed you can find our german translation.Please check it and let me know if anything is unclear!How long will it take until it is available?It’s a pleasure to help you selling your controllers on the german market. ----Michael
Sandy,Good days to you. Can you please tell me if you received payment. Our bank says it was returned because Beneficiary and and Account Number do not match. Can you check if you have money or if it was returned to us?If this is a problem, I can do paypal. Please let me know paypal email and if there are any paypal charges. Please let us know approximately when order will be ready. ----Laurie
Mike,We are now working again in this project, I will probably need another100 pieces of the same dmx 5ch controller, would you please send me a quote?Also, about 12 or 24 channels dmx controllers, I am not sure if we understoodyour sugestion...are you telling us to use 2 x 5CH controllers, in serie? When do you think you will be ready to offer 12 or 24 channels? ----Paulo
Hello Sarah Yesterday we sent you a DHL with RGB controller PCB samples.The tracking number is: 3129036123 And we would like to ask you a favor. Together with your samples, we sent some samples of plastic bag that we need to send to a few suppliers.Could you help us sending this samples?Thank you very much! ----Marina Carasco


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