LEFU Technology expect to be a 100-year enterprise,and strive to create more value for our customers,continue to feed back for the benefit of society.

How it was on the

10,September,2007.....LEFU was established.

LEFU Team,at the beginning of the venture has been positioning the company's development direction.

Today, we have grown into a strong contender in the industry, from the beginning of a small company evolved into an industry leader in the direction, we have always insisted on marketing and innovation as the basic point, as the company's development ideas.

Based on the development of the concept of correct, corporate culture has been gradually formed and reflected, we believe that sales of products and sales knowledge is the same, so we continue to focus on product innovation, management innovation, individual innovation and enhance the company's individual qualities. Let us first be changed and improved, and constantly in the process of development of the company's self-test, self-improvement. Thus get our own and the company simultaneously sublimation effect.We move step by step, to do all the work at ease, because we firmly believe that pay will have a return. We love our work and career, and we want to realize our personal and company value. So as to society to do whatever we can feedback!

We provide simple
solutions to make life easier

Simple, intelligent, understanding, appreciation,
is our product design throughout the concept of the process.

LEFU all product design starting point is based on simple and easy to understand, fashion, smart, friendly. Each product in the design before and after the market have collected a lot of advice, suggestions and other related information. And a certain product concept stage, functional testing stage, has been the sample stage, until the product received a certain degree of recognition, we will eventually confirm the product or not.

Adhere to innovation is our basic, innovation is to create a valuable product. This is what we have always recognized the idea. Simple, innovative, feedback is the basic direction of our product design.

We hope and strive to our ideas into practical action, innovation to bring vitality to the world, innovation to the world to bring fresh, innovative environmental protection to the world!

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