General manager

2007-2017,The tenth year working experience in LEFU. I am in charge of the management. We are learning all the time. And we try to get the high level of management to improve the working eviroment and offer more positive feedback to customers and society.

Sylvia Nong

Sales Manager

2008-2017,The nigth year experience work for LEFU. I am in charge of sales work.We expect we could do better service. We will face the problem, analyze the problem, solve the problem, maintain communication, give guests a satisfactory answer. Because your satisfaction is our goal!

Michael Chen

Sales Engineer

2011-2017,The seventh year experience in LEFU. I am charge of Sales work. I like LEFU company cuture, and our team work. We can get our dream come true in LEFU with our hard work. Thanks again for our customers and company support! We will do our best to reach goald of 2017!

Sara Wright

Sales Engineer

2012-2017,I am sales engineer in LEFU. I like my current job very much because I graduated from English major and I am looking forward to working in current sales. Work for LEFU, I like my job and enjoy it! I will continue to work hard for happy life. and Thanks to the company's cultivation.


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If you have any questions, Please write us your message Or send email to,LEFU Team will get back to you in 12 hours.If you need help urgently,Please call +86 755 2853 8160.

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