November 30, 2016
December 13, 2016
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RF LED lighting dimmer


Mini RF LED Dimmer

1.Automatically adapt to LED light which works from DC12V-24V.
2.The receiver volume is only 1/3 of the conventional controller, but can implement features such as dimming, RGB and color temperature control.
3.Using RF remote control , the wireless signal is with strong penetrating power, no limited to direction or obstacles, and can control the multi function of ON/OFF, pause ,change mode , brightness and speed ,etc.
4.10 strobe&fade change mode, with 4096 grey scales per channel, led lamp is more rich and vivid without flash

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RF LED lighting dimmer

RF LED lighting dimmer tech info:


Its a mini set receiver and remote control. First of all, the receiver not only for dimming connection, but also for WW, NW, CW, and RGB  all in one.

the other words, we can set the different remote but only one receiver.

And this dimmer has the 25% 50%75%100% dimming range, moreover with 30s time delay function. And has 2 scene saved function key.

Its simple design, but very smart item!

Input volt 12-24VDC
Output volt 12-24VDC
Output current 3A/CH,3CH 9AMax
Output channel 3 CH
Remote signal 433.92MHz
Remote distance 15M
Working temperature -20-60°
Dementions L135XW30XH20(mm)
Package Carton box
Weight 88g