November 18, 2016
November 18, 2016
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Wireless Network LED Controller

All new master‐slave network controllers are ready now. The master station receives
remote controller command and send wireless signal to slave controllers, all slave controllers
will work synchronized with master station.Even the dynamic mode will be perfectly
synchronized.This new product line covers from single color to 4‐channel LED applications. User
can setup multi‐position LED project very flexible, there’s no more wired LED amplifier
or extra signal cable needed. The master station’s signal can cover about 30‐meter radius range. Furthermore,
user can install WR01 wireless repeaters to extend the covering range infinitely, even to a
whole mega‐ structure building.

Product parameter:

Input volt 12VDC
Remote CR2025 Battery
Remote frequency RF 433.92MHz
Slave synchronizing frequency RF 2.40Ghz-2.48GHz
Slave covering range Radius 30 meters at open area
Cable AWG16 Red/Black cable, AWG18 Red/Black cable
Working temperature -30-70°
Master dementions L120XW120XH27(mm)
Remote dementions L122Χ W35Χ H9 (mm)
Weight 89g